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Add a lively kick to your business with a perfect website

"Clothes make people" - This is a known fact. Good impression convinces without words. This also applies to your Internet presence.

"You never get a second chance to make the first impression"  The first impression of your website is crucial to what your customers think of you and your business.

To achieve success from the outset, our top designers have got tools ready to get your competitors staring in awe.

About us:- EuroAfrica Ezehweb Design & Media Services


EzehWeb Design is a division of the EuroAfrica Media Network which specialises in multi-media and web services.

We offer consultancy and special websites and IT web services for medical professionals. We create web design/analysis, for entrepreneurs, NGO´s and private individuals.

The core team of Ezehweb Design is made up of professional web designers and medical specialists.
As a result, we have special web packages for these clients -  the Medi-Pages and Thera-Pages.

Its our aim to offer special web services that our customers can afford without sacrificing quality.

What Distinguishes Our Services?


 Best Concepts for all Clients

A successful website must have the following: Aesthetic appeal, user-friendly design, accessibility and SEO.

With these in mind, we design pages that reach people quickly and easily. Each project is unique and therefore "our unique flagship" because we are never satisfied with the present.

While creating pages, we keep eyes on long-term development because the future success of our customers is very important to us.


 Responsiv Web design For Every Budget

Smartphones and tablets have added extra demands for a good responsive design. Example - landscape format, higher pixel density (retina), touch etc.

As a result, a perfect responsive design stands out as a solid ingredient in our web design.

Responsive Design means an easy process, fast loading times and perfect user-friendliness. All these are taken into account by us.


 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Sozial Media Optimisation (SMO)

The competition in SEO is strong. In order to have the websites of our customers at the forefront of the search engines, we use fundamental, long-term effective methods.

Strategically we use top experts to produce technically unique results. In order to maintain these results, we generally support different SE optimizations, constant monitoring of your competitors, SEM + SMO: AdWords, Facebook & Co.

web security

 Web Security/ Against Hacker/Malware

Do you get red malware warning in the browser? If so, your site has already been compromised. Do not worry, we can help you.

With over 20 years of experience with Joomla, we have expert knowledge of Joomla and Wordpress malware, security, and hacked websites.

In other words, we know all the bugs and loopholes in WP and the right steps needed to protect your site from hackers. Every day thousands of web sites become victims of hacker attacks. Worryingly, you will not get that up until you get an email from Google, your web host, or from a customer feedback.

Why us?
1: We have all the necessary skills to do this work.

2: There is no risk of data loss because we will back up all your data first.

3: We will remove malware from your site and add additional security layers.

4: We can clean any existing infection or hacker virus, malicious code from your website.

5: We can use anything to help spam attack, iframe hacks, JavaScript hacks, basic 64 hacks. & Block any type of malware

6: Express delivery time and 100% money back guarantee.

Protect your online business and make your websites Google friendly Now.

medi packs


Medi- und Thera-Pages: Special Web Pages for Medical Professionals

We offer consultations and special websites and successful, inexpensive web design/analysis, for medical experts.

The core team of EACN-Ezehweb Design is consist of professional web designers and medical specialists.

a result, we have created  special web packages called the "Medi-Pages and Thera-Pages" to serve this target clients.

Our extra efforts always to create special web services which our customers can afford without sacrificing quality tags uniqueness to our services.



  • TYPE OF DESIGN        

  • Custom /CMS
  • 15 Pages
  • YES
  • FREE
  • 1 Year free EAMN Directory Promo
  • Euro. 1150/450


  • TYPE OF DESIGN        

  • Custom /CMS
  • Unlimited Pages
  • YES
  • FREE
  • 1 Year Directory+Social Media Promo
  • Euro. 1750/450

Let´s provide you the right solution

We help all companies stay ahead and grow. We provide you with the right solution for your corporate presence on the web.


We need more experts in our team

You love creating professional, beautiful Joomla templates. Are you a Web Development Expert? Can you deal with the coding of pages and extensions quickly and efficiently? Then you are welcome to our team.

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