Our unique  E-Support and E-Learning Online facilities.have continued to to impress thousands of our online users and clients. The most important aspect here are the use; of online assisted software to coach our students in computer training, IT problem solutions and diverse courses in African languages

For those clients who have problems suited for tele/support services we now offer a new alternative. You can now call for telephone support, and speak to one of our web professionals regarding any service issues you may be having with your website. 

Billable at an hourly rate and pro-rated to the nearest minute, our telephone support service will be a good opportunity for you to get some trouble-shooting assistance or our highly qualified workers can possibly walk you verbally through simple software issues or quick mechanical fixes over the phone or through our online direct view and assist system. Cases suited for our tele/E/Services include online Intercultural counseling, web site bugs and computer problems.

If it is determined that your case cannot be fixed over the phone, you'll still have the option of having us come to you which would be chargeable on a time and materials basis for parts, labour and travel. Please call us today if you have questions about any of our service options and we will be glad to help you. Contact us now! 


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